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All about me, Get to Know Me

I am a girl in her teens, fun loving, and easy going.  I’ve never been obese or overweight and I don’t have a great weight loss story like many of the other Foodies out there, but I do have a story about my journey to healthier eating, fitness, and finding the right balance in the spiritual and physical parts of my life.  Up until I was about 14 or 15 I wasn’t that health conscious or worried about exercise, which was probably a good thing.  It’s not that I don’t like my veggies and fruits.  I’ve always liked salads but I had a fair share of sweets too.  My definition of exercise was a stroll around the block or jumping on the trampoline for exercise.  It wasn’t until about 2 or 3 years ago that I really started to enjoy exercising and researching more healthy foods.

However, like so many of today’s young women, I went overboard in my food and fitness convictions.  It started out with a little dabbling in cycling every day on our new stationary bike.  I wasn’t that serious until I spent more time online, allowing myself to be sucked into the craze of calorie counting.  Again, it was little but it became more obsessive month by month.  I lost weight, even though I was never overweight and I didn’t enjoy eating as much.  I just ate to at least satisfy my empty stomach.  And I ignored my empty stomach, so I continued to drop more pounds until I became really skinny.  I’ve always been naturally more muscular and although I don’t believe in the “ideal” weight for my height, I’ve always been above the “ideal” weight, naturally.

I realized what I was doing when I finally re-evaluated my fitness plan.  I realized that instead of enjoying exercise I did it to burn calories.  I realized that instead of enjoying and thanking God for every bite of food I ate, I just ate with no thankfulness at all.  I had amenorrhea and I decided that the only thing to do was completely reverse my way of thinking.  It’s been a long journey and in it I’ve gained back the pounds I lost.   God also blessed me with regular menses again.

In all of this I learned several lessons, i.e. thankfulness/gratefulness, graciousness, balancing my life, etc… I now run about 4-10 miles(4 times a week) (rarely 10).  I have figured I’m more of a middle distance runner with my best speeds/endurance peaking at about 10-13 miles.  I’ll never be a marathon or ultra marathon runner but I do enjoy a half, 5k, or a 10k occasionally!  Running is my way of zoning out, praying, and being in GOd’s creation! It’s relaxing and fun, until I get above 13 miles.  Then it becomes painful… OUch!  I also participate in some light pilates, yoga (NOT THE MEDITATIVE OR SPIRITUAL PART OF IT) (only for Flexibility), cycling, vigorous walking, or playing outside with the sisses.

TO date my quota of races includes:

3 5ks





1 25k –  10:23 pace

1 9 miler – 8:12 pace

1 7.5 miler – 8:13 pace

3.3 mile pr


No mile PR… I need more speedwork.

half mile pr: 3:12

1/4 mile PR: 78 seconds??


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