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Life has been Crazy

Well, life, as always, has been pretty crazy.  Sometimes it’s been crazy enough to the point where I don’t even get all my school done in one day.  Right now for school I’m working on Physics, a college chemistry course, a greek course, piano, and copious amounts of time consuming writing.   I find my days not only filled with those but gardening, laundry, animal “stuff”, cleaning, and keeping the house in general order.

Fitting a workout in here and there is challenging, but I’m learning how to make it work.  My most important workout, my time with God, is hard to prioritize, but, when I do prioritize it, I feel so much better, and it keeps my attitude on the right track, kind of like physical exercise.  Right now, I’m trying to fit in training for both a half marathon and a century ride.  I admit that sometimes I get a little lazy, but the majority of the times it’s because I would rather spend time building relationships with my dear family, then out on the road.  I do also admit that I have built some pretty good friendships by working out together with my best friends but sometimes just sitting and playing a board game together is more effective then running together.

Last week was a full week of workouts and eats.  I ran twice, runs of 5 and 10 miles.  I also biked a couple hours and did  some core training.  It’s been getting hotter around here, so I have to be more disciplined to get out onto the road in the early morning, late at night, or just brave the heat.  Yesterday was a hot sweaty 30 mile ride, that ended pretty well.  Today, I’m hoping to fit in a 2-2.5 mile run through our shady countryside, with very little traffic zooming alongside, hopefully.

My appetite has soared with the increase in training.  I’m learning how to balance good healthy eats with some treats once in a while, and also doing everything in moderation.  I’m a person who has always been a very un-selfcontrolled person, so that’s something I really have to work on and fight against.  Eats have included everything from brownies, muffins, bread, to grapes, big, delicious salads, and big glasses of milk!  (mmm… carbs 🙂  I would rather eat all carbs then vegetables and fruits sometimes, so I have to pull my hand out of the cookie jar and go for the grapes or the carrot sticks instead.  In the end, I find a much better benefit and reward to doing it.

Sorry for the lack of pictures… I haven’t had time to take many pictures, because my summer is so full.. . . I am also in the midst of preparing for a big project.  Ssshhh… Can’t tell.  It’s a big secret. 🙂

Adios for now!  And I’ll check in next week with an update on training and some pictures.  Might even have a half-marathon recap.


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