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Hiking and Biking

Hiking and biking go very well together, I find.  I have a really hard time jumping off of a bike and going running but jumping off a bike and hiking is not too hard.  Yesterday, the sis and I went on a 30 mile bike ride through some beautiful countryside.  We got rained on, shined on, and very sunburnt.  I am now grieving that I forgot to put sunscreen on as I got some very painful sunburn on my face and arms.  Next time, that will definitely be one of the first things, not the last things I think of.

Hiking in a Beautiful Canyon

The weary hikers… We’re almost there… “Didn’t I hear that 20 minutes ago?”

Practicing some Action and “Adventure” shots

Meditating on the virtues of the Colorado landscape

My cute sis, Anna

Getting ready to attempt a daring leap (To infinity and beyond)

“I look like a mess, don’t I.”  I was tired after a day of biking and hiking..

I also got very sunburnt yesterday…

Beautiful trees and bushes surrounding the canyon

Psalm 1

The steady leader

Wading in a creek on a hot day, in the warm water, makes a

hike doubly fun…

“The sun was bright.”  And I couldn’t see!

A bright cheery smile

Beautiful Craggy mountains or ledges

We were stranded

All in all it was a wonderful day as a great prelude to my 17th birthday today!


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