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My Brother’s First Marathon

It was just over 2 years ago when we first started running…. Since then we have both motivated each other to run when it hurts most.  He has motivated me to surmount mountains and hills in running and in other circumstances.  He is such a blessing and such a treasure to me.  I love him so much, and it made me so happy yesterday to see him pull through the pain and the challenge and finish his very first marathon.  He’s only 19 and has gone from running 3 miles 2 years ago to 26.2 miles in 3:36:34 seconds.

It was a beautiful course, and we tried to be the most supportive cheerleaders on the course.  We stopped at mile 6, mile 10, mile 17, and mile 24.  We tried to stop at mile 15, but that didn’t work out, so we went on to mile 17.  He was still doing well at mile 17, right behind the 3:30 pacer.

He told us that mile 20 or 21 was when it started to get hard.  (I was so impressed.  I couldn’t have sustained less than a 9:00 minute pace for 26 miles, but he did through Christ who strengthens us.) We went down to mile 24, and my 15 year old sister and I ran for a little while and met him at the last mile.  I saw him come around the last corner, and I knew this last mile would take all that he had.  We followed him down the course till the finish line and dropped off.  He went into the gate, and then sat down over on the grass, stretching out his sore muscles.  That was the sorest I’ve ever seen him.  He got a massage, took an ice bath when we got home, and is still pretty sore today.  But hey, he ran 26.2 miles.  He definitely should be sore… 🙂  I’m so happy for him! It was great to see him surmount this mountain and come down!

The finish – He’s flyin’… We were just the cheerleaders, and no, we didn’t run all 26.2 miles with him, only 1…

Receiving the age group award for First place

After his massage

He’s a happier runner now…

Stretchin’ those hip muscles out

Recounting his marathon struggles!

The End: I hope to do this marathon next year…


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