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Yummy… Gluten free

I’m at my aunt’s home here in London, and we have been eating gluten free baking as she is gluten free… I used to think gluten free was not very good, but I’ve learned that there are better alternatives, and it can actually be pretty tasty…

Soup for tonight-Veggie chowder… Mmm… It’s filled with cauliflower, broccoli, onions, carrots, potatoes, and

wait… the best part… milk and cheddar cheese 🙂

A gluten free Apple cinnamon breakfast coffee cake muffin… That was part of my breakfast of a muffin

with pb and yogurt.

A piece of maple fudge from a fudge kitchen in Bath… Hey I was hungry and it needs to be finished

And of course any foodies knows that you can’t go without the contents in this jar – Peanut Butter!  Although I have devoured it at

an alarming rate… I’m not sure whether I should go back and get another jar… This one was gone in a week, or less than.

This is in honor of the strawberry and apples that I just  devoured… However I will probably end up having one of these later in the day…

What are you all doing this spring? Got any big plans?  I plan to graduate, Lord willing, and

hope to start training for my first marathon.

Training: 4 mile run today… Almost check.


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