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Marathon Recap – ADT Marathon – 4:17:01

I woke up scared, apprehensive, and yet trusting of what God would do through this marathon… 🙂 Would my body hold up?  Would I hit the wall? Would I take in enough fuel? Had I done enough long runs?  Then the final thought that ran through my head was, “Aw, stop worrying and get out there and do it for the Lord!”

I’ll insert pictures and my comments in and around to give you a general idea of the fun time that was had by all! This was my first marathon… And I’m not sure if it was my last.  But, it all happened on September 5th, 2011…

This is one of my best friends, Ceira!  She encouraged me through training with her constant steady perseverance…
She was always willing to push me through a run, or give me written encouragement over an email when I didn’t feel like doing a
20 mile long run… 🙂 Shared hugs at the end were da best!

Running with Ceira is another great race supporter and fellow runner, Hana!  She was a great encouragement at the end of the race!

Hana at one of the many stops so ready to cheer…   We saw her and her brother along with my bro at miles 7, 10, 14, 17, 20, and 22…
Hannah ran the last 4.2 miles with Ceira! Thanks friend!

This was at mile 20.  At this point, I had just come off a bridge and up from the bridge, popped someone I knew, E.R… I was surprised and happy… I wasn’t sure what my time was at this point, but Ceira and I had passed the 4:30 pacer after starting out with him at around mile 7.2.  David was great race support! High five!

Walking into that finish was one of the most relieving runs I had ever finished… It was so shocking to realize that it was over,

and so thankful that the Lord pulled my body through 26.2 miles! I did it through His strength alone!

“Little secret… I really came for the cute hugs at the end.  Awww… Abby, I love you, and Mrs. C.  The C. family came and supported

at the end!

My bro Dan,  who did the marathon last year in a blazing time of 3:36:42 came along for the last 10K!  He was
a great race supporter!  He sure knows how to do it!  He stopped at miles 4, 7, 10, 14, 17, and 20 and ran the last 6.2!  It was so encouraging, and he pushed me to the end! Thanks for your example of self-sacrifice and love Dan! I LOOOVEEE YOU!

Yep, that was after E.R. in the background took me by surprise under the bridge…  I just had to smile!

Here we go!   Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho!  To finish this marathon, we go!  I followed the guy in front of me for the last 3-4 miles… He was an incredible motivation at the end as he pushed me with encouraging and inspiring words! Praise the Lord for those unknown blessings!

 That morning I had woken up and ate some sandwich thins with nutella… I ate gels, jelly beans, and drank gatorade throughout the race.  Although I never hit a mental wall, there was a point around mile 22 that every joint started to ache… And I could barely walk at the end… Ahhh! It was a beautiful trail, and very peaceful… There were probably about 300-400 runners in all which made it relaxing.  It was also very cool the whole time.  The start was probably in the high 30s or low 40s… Chilly!  But we warmed up after we started moving.  At mile 7, I thought I needed to use the facilities, but saw the 4:30 pacer sail by! I knew I couldn’t let him out of my sight, so I followed…  I passed him and hoped I hadn’t gone out too fast… Well they ticked by, and mile 20 appeared.. The last 10k was a time of focusing on gettin ‘er done and pumping up the music… Ahhhh! The feeling of being sore!  After 250-300 miles of training, I had come to  the finish, and I praised and continue to praise the Lord for His marvelous works!  Isaiah 40:31


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